All signs posted Nov.21, 22, &23rd


Thanksgiving weekend is the most heavily traveled time of the year. This year Southern California celebrated with a patriotic theme: Free Speech.

All of these signs were placed in direct sight of major freeway traffic, guaranteeing the widest audience possible, just as the founding fathers intended.          


The difference between freewayblogging and other forms of protest is that it allows a single person to express their opinion to literally millions of their fellow citizens for about ten bucks.

Making signs requires little more than cardboard, paint and an overhead projector. Each sign takes less than ten minutes to make.

While there are several codes and statutes prohibiting signposting without a permit, none have stood up to the First Amendment when brought before a court.      
      Corporate control of the media is killing our democracy. So long as Bill O'Reilly gets to express his opinions to millions of Americans I'll be damned if anybody's going to stop me from doing the same.
The full and unfettered freedom of political expression was what the founders gave us to preserve our Democracy should all else fail, but it only works if we use it.

Cardboard, paint and something to say... that's all it takes.


Free Speech: Use it or Lose it.

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