to speak out against the Lies and Propaganda and let 25,000 of your closest friends know just how you feel about this war and the lying sons of bitches who dragged us into it.

Starting July 5th, freewaybloggers across the nation will begin placing signs on the freeways voicing their opposition to the war. These signs will continue going up through July and August and on until impeachment hearings begin in September.

The Founders of this Nation gave us the right to free political speech for a reason, and at least part of that reason was to sound the alarm if we felt our country, or its democracy was in danger.  If you feel that this is an illegal and immoral war, speaking out is not just your right, it's your duty as a citizen. Here's how you do it:


1)  Find Cardboard.


2)  Paint it White.

3)  Paint your Message.


4]  Stick it Up.


(duct tape + bungee cord:
takes 10 seconds.)

A single sign put near a freeway can be seen by tens
of thousands of motorists - even more if you're clever
about it - and can be made in ten minutes at a cost of
about five cents.

Sign painting parties will be held across the country
over the July 4th weekend with posting to begin on the
5th. Click Here if You're Interested


Everything you need.


Placement Strategies:

Don't limit yourself to overpasses: Anything you can
see while driving is a place you can post a sign and
it will be seen. Trees, fencing, sign backs and
infrastructure, everything is fair game. The more
difficult your sign is to get to, the longer it'll
stay up. With duct tape, bungee cords, hammer and
nails, binder clips and spring clamps, you can attach
a sign securely to just about anything within seconds.

Always approach a site from the backside, off the
freeway. Wear an orange safety vest and people will
assume you're a highway worker: at 60 mph people
putting up signs look just like people taking them

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