September 11th , 2001

"BEST WE FORGET..."                            Los Angeles


San Diego

Santa Barbara


9/11/01: Iraq Attacks New York, DC!

12/7/41: China Attacks Pearl Harbor!

9/01/40: Brazil Invades Poland!

Within months of Sept.11th

Osama Bin Laden seemed to fall entirely off the national radar screen.  Zip. Nada. Zilch.  No mention by the "President", none in the media.  It was almost as if he'd never existed.  From that point on I started putting up these signs on the freeways of California - close to a thousand of them.  I was surprised nobody else did too.

Los Angeles

Santa Monica

San Francisco


I am convinced that our collective amnesia and transference of blame for September 11th from Osama Bin Laden to Saddam Hussein will be forever remembered as the most pathetic chapter in the history of any nation since the Dawn of Time.