Fight the Voting Machines


Dear Freewaybloggers,

Numerous accounts point to the fact that the Florida and Ohio voting machines may have been hacked to change the final vote totals to favor George Bush. Several members of Congress have demanded that the General Accounting Office (GAO) investigate. The independent organization "Help America Audit" is leading the charge for a recount prior to Inauguration day.

To elevate this issue in the eyes of our nation we are calling for the largest freewayblogging effort to date:

This weekend (Nov 13-14), people nationwide will affix banners and signs to freeway overpasses demanding that the voting machines be investigated, and the Florida and Ohio vote recounted. We need you, and your friends, and their friends to participate.

We want commuters to visit for more information. Please include their URL in your sign if you are able.

A few suggested sign ideas include:

Audit the Voting Machines

Still not the President

Paperless voting: the Death of Democracy

The Vote was Hacked

As always, we post pictures sent in from fellow freewaybloggers starting Monday morning, November 15th. Please email us your pictures over the weekend if you can to Sev.

We will also be issuing an international press release outlining what our group is doing in the US to defend democracy during these troubling times.

Our democracy hangs in the balance and it is up to us and our fellow citizens to speak out now and to speak out loud. Let 20 or 30 thousand of your fellow citizens know what you think by freewayblogging this weekend.

For more information on the voting irregularities, see  (scroll down the page for a listing of problems).

Please visit to get more info, and to donate to this effort.

To find fellow freewaybloggers in your area, join the news group by sending an email to

Protect Democracy,

The FreewayBlogger